Landmark of the world (Ha Long Bay )

In all of the world like Viet Nam, It is has many beautiful place that we can visit, But my favourite place i like to  visit is Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is beautiful and nice. If you go there, you can take a boat to go around the island, you can see it has a lot of rock but special things about it is also has a large made of many large go together. It was light and beautiful rock. The water is very fresh and cool. Now it is summer, The sun will go into the water make water warm and little hot. In Ha Long Bay, It also have a tree like but that are not many tree to make wood, It is a tree that live in a ocean. The island is very deep water, be careful or you will fall down. Do you know? Ha Long Bay is a place that UNESCO world  heritage. That is all about my places i like. Thank you for your reading