Christmas is in the air.

There are many holiday in the word like : Easter, where the Easter egg come from ; like Thanksgiving when we feel thankful to someone that is important to us …But the holiday I like best was Christmas the time when  we celebrate the day God was born.

Christmas is amazing. Near Christmas, the streets light were decorated with red and green ribbons tie in a bow and glow warmly in the gloomy night.  Every door and windows are dressed in a freshly new coat of paint and a big ring made out of pine cones and little chimes. Inside, there was a table laden with food near a Christmas tree. It was a big fir tree decorates in glittering rainbow light from top to the very bottom and to finish with a shining star on the very top. People would sat around the table and help their friend family to turkey and warm mashed potato. After that the children and the grown up all gather around the Christmas tree and sing beautiful warm songs. And on Christmas morning, the children will open Santa gift under the tree and then the family will have breakfast with a nice chocolate pudding. Every house then will go to church to pray then we all sing a song to honor God’ birth. The day ended with a happy smile on everyone face.

Christmas is the day we celebrate and to gather the family together with warmth and love. I love this holiday. Do you?