Countryside life or city life?

In this day and age, living in the countryside or in the city is a controversial issue for many people. Some think that living in the city is much more convenient and modern whilst others believe countryside is a greater choice to live. From my perspective, rural areas, where I was born, have lots of pros that I intend to live there eternally.

Initially, when living in the countryside, you can enjoy the fresh and clean air. There, technology along with economy does not develop as quickly as one in the city that there is not much traffic, smoke as well as environmental problems. Furthermore, garbage is also not littered numerously on the road. As a result, you feel more comfortable and relaxed when enjoying the air in the countryside.

Moreover, the interpersonal relationship are more harmonious and friendly. Villagers, as a custom, always build their houses side by side. Also, they live more closely and amicably. As neighbors, they talk and share everything with each other optimistically. They are so helpful to help everyone who are in trouble. What’s more, they can operate closely in working and many other daily activities. Hence, their relationships are getting better and better gradually that the crime rate is lower than that in the city.

Last but not least, costs of living in the rural areas are much cheaper than those in the city. In place of wasting plenty of finance on renting or much more on buying a house as well as an apartment, in the countryside, you can get a quite bigger and more comfortable one with your own garden that you can do something with it. Apparently, you are able to plant flowers, vegetables and your kids can also play in it. It is sure that they will have such exciting and fantastic experience. Moreover, food in the rural areas, which are vegetables, fruits, meat, etc are all home-grown and home-produced that it is much inexpensive and fresher than those in the city.

Although I like living in the countryside, it also has some remarkable cons. In the countryside, education as well as healthcare service is bitterly poor that children there do not have fully-educated. Besides, there are not many things to entertain and the distance between their houses and places in the city is so big, which make great inconvenience. Thereby, you need to get up so early and spend a bit more time to arrive your destination on time.

In conclusion, because of all above reasons. living in the countryside is so wonderful for me to have an intention of living here for ever and ever. Additionally, living in the city is also great; nonetheless, in my view, perhaps the better place to live and grow up is where you feel like at home.