Inside your body

   You need to eat food to stay alive. Food gives you energy, helps you grow, and keeps you healthy. When you hungry haven’t eaten for a while, you feel hungry. Your food’s journey starts when you put it into your mouth. When you swallow, the food goes down a tube to your stomach. Food is squeezed and mushed up a lot in here and it has a sound like “churn, gurgle gurgle’’. Your food travels through long, collide-up tubes called intestines. 

   As you breathe in, you suck at air. Air has a gas called oxygen in it that needs you alive. You breathe air in through your nose or your mouth. Air goes down your windpipe and into spongy bags call lungs. The oxygen from your lungs goes into your blood. Blood flows along tiny tubes called blood vessels. Your blood carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Your blood will keep flowing around and around inside you for the rest of your life

   Your bones fit together to make up your skeleton. This holds you up and helps you move around. Your spine is made up of lots of little bones. The knee joint works like a hinge to move your calf up and down. If you didn’t have any bones at all, you’d be a wobbly of goo. Your muscles do lots of jobs, from pumping blood around you to helping you walk and talk. Your arm muscles work in pairs to pull your arm up and down. 

    Inside your head is your brain. It’s where you think and thoughts. It also control the rest of our body. Your brain is joined every part of your body by tiny paths called nerves. Different parts of your brain are in charge of different jobs.

  You have been growing ever since the day you were born. But one day you’ll stop.