My pet cat – Snowflake

My cat is a siamese breed. I have raised the cat since it was a small ugly kitten. Now the cat looks quite different from what it did ten months ago. It has grown up into an adult cat with excellent white fur spotted with black and yellow. I often call it “Snowflake”. The cat’s eyes are of a color similar to that of a piece of green jade. They illuminate in the dark. Its whiskers, nose, and ears are all white. Its mouth with red lips looks very cute. The cat has a good body with muscular legs and a curled-up tail. Now and then the cat takes a leisurely walk, which makes it look like a small tiger.

I like animals very much, especially I keep a dog and a cat in my house. However, I spend more time playing with the cat. Both of them live happily together, but once in a while the dog seems to be jealous of the cat because I am close to and caress for the cat in front of the dog. The cat is very dainty about food. It eats only fish and never seems to like any kind of meat. This is contrary to the belief “If you put a piece of fatty meat somewhere near its mouth, the cat will snatch it and savor it very quickly”. To all kinds of mice in my house is death. None of them can escape from death once they are discovered by the cat. With just one or two pounces, the mouse is in the cat’s clutches.

Since I had my cat, my house has had no more mice which used to cause a lot of trouble to almost everything in my house; from the books to the clothes that are very often gnawed off (away) by mice.

Apart from being very skilled in hunting for harmful mice, the cat is often the dearest animal for me to play with. It helps me to relax tremendously after long hours of study. I love my cat so much that I always save delicious fish for it every day. And the cat seems to attach itself to me, too. Therefore, how lucky I am to have such a pet cat!