Why we write – chương trình khuyến khích các bạn tập viết tiếng Anh

– Writing Joins Us to a Community… of the Like and Unlike
– Writing Lets Us Unmask Ourselves… to Ourselves
– Writing Tells Us Who We Are and What Life We’re Living
– Writing Lets Us Speak the Truth

There are many ways you can practice writing in English. If you ever need to make a note or list for yourself, such as a shopping list for groceries, write it in English. If you don’t know a word you need in English, keep a small notebook with you at all times and write down new words to look up.

As an English learner, you can get by with English sometimes. However, your English is not very good this time, but it is not a matter. The thing that helped you the most was writing down definitions of words in your little notebook. Writing can help you visualise word and its meaning. Any time when you couldn’t remember a word you needed, you would think back to when you wrote it down, and you would picture the word in your notebook. It’s a great way to practice writing and a useful way to remember new words too!

Dù viết hay hoặc chưa hay, hãy viết câu truyện của bạn về bất cứ chủ đề nào. Cảm xúc bản thân, kiến thức khoa học hay các chủ đề xã hội đang có nhiều quan tâm.. ? bất cứ thứ gì, hãy viết ra .. tất nhiên là bằng tiếng Anh.

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